The Problem with AC Milan

AC Milan are one of the greatest sides in the history of Football, both domestically and in International standings. The Italian giants have been the home to footballing greats such as Paolo Maldini, Franco Baresi, Ruud Guillt, Marco Van Basten, Kaka, Cafu, Andriy Shevchenko, Andrea Pirlo, amongst many, many more. The days of these greats are unfortunately long gone at the San Siro, but for all of their might, AC Milan just can’t sustain any period of success, but why? Is it the players, or even the manager? No, of course not. It’s the board.

For the past 30 years, AC Milan has been ruled by Italian media tycoon Silvio Berlusconi, and he was the main reason as to how Milan signed some world class players. His economical power put Milan into a strong position domestically, on par and occasionally ahead of Juventus and Inter Milan. AC Milan were slowly, but legitimately, establishing themselves as a genuine force in European Football.

Let’s skip ahead 30 years, and as Berlusconi celebrates a landmark in charge of the Rossineri, he sits in the stands next to Adriano Galliani watching his beloved Milan fall behind the likes of Juventus, Roma and Napoli. The two may look around the stadium wondering why no one goes to the colossal-like San Siro, why the best players always leave, and why they haven’t won the Scudetto in years, but they only have themselves to blame.

They constantly sack managers who show signs of being successful but never get the chance to implement their ideas fully. They (mainly Galliani) sign players who aren’t consistent enough, and some of them just are not good enough to grace the Milan shirt, and they set the expectations too high for the teams. Not every central midfielder can be Ruud Guillt, and not every striker can be Pippo Inzaghi, but Berlusconi and Galliani fail to realise this.

Everyone in Italy seems to realise that these two are the problem, except themselves. With reports coming out of Sky Italia that current boss Sinisa Mihajlovic will walk away at the end of the season, not many people can begrudge him. He is trying to do the best he can with a poor side, and with Berlusconi targeting “3 Champions Leagues in 5 years” it is more or less impossible to do with this team.

I am not a Milan fan, and I don’t have any affiliation with the Rossineri, but it is painful to see such a giant of World Football being left behind due to an owners ego. They are willing to spend money, but just on the wrong type of player. Milan need players who are consistent, and add that WOW factor to their side, like their teams of the past.

Football needs Milan, Italy needs Milan, but the way things are going at the club, Milan needs football more than football needs Milan.

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