£30 Away Ticket Price Cap!

The £30 away price cap is a start, as currently adults are paying in the region of £50 for an away game. Next season these tickets will be capped at £30 which in my opinion, is what the future of football needs. This will also have an effect on children. As it will save adults some money, which may then lead to them taking their kids as well, as  currently it is arguably not affordable.

Should away tickets be made even cheaper? I think so but, for now, its a start and I believe its aiming towards something which hopefully will benefit all levels of the beautiful game, as more away fans would be able to afford to go to more games instead of relying on Sky Sports and BT Sport. Hopefully next season we will be seeing more children at away games throughout the country.

The clubs in financial trouble will be hoping that soon the prices rise and I believe that they shouldn’t worry about that and concentrate on the amount of people coming through the turnstiles. What will happen if the prices do rise? People will protest against, as many are passionate about how much they would pay to travel 200 miles and watch a boring 0-0 game. They would argue that it is pointless, and they may also think that the fact that it would have cost someone more than £20 is ridiculous.

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