The power of the Old Lady: How Juventus dominated Italy once again.

We’ve been here before, for the past five years. Juventus winning yet another Scudetto, their 32nd (they’ll tell you 34, but that’s another story, for another time).

For a fifth successive year, the Old Lady claimed dominance of Italy and brushed aside every challenger from January onwards. I would certainly argue that this triumph has been their best, despite once going unbeaten under Antonio Conte a few seasons ago.

Why is this the best Scudetto? Let me explain…

At the start of the season, Juventus managed to lose Carlos Tevez, Arturo Vidal, and Andrea Pirlo. This essentially meant that they lost a chunk of their spine who had carried them to the Champions League final in the previous season. Three vital parts of the Juve machine had been sold off, and everyone was wondering who they were going to replace them with. Well, Sami Khedira, Hernanes and most importantly Paolo Dybala all arrived at the club to much fanfare, but with many feeling like the trio could not replace what was previously at the club.

In hindsight, the doubters were wrong. Although at the start of the season, the Bianconneri had an awful start, finding themselves closer to the drop zone than the top of the table. There was a feeling around Europe that maybe the Italian dominance from Juventus was over. Maybe Rudi Garcia could guide Roma to the title, or maybe a returning Roberto Mancini could steal the Serie A title back to the San Siro, or maybe Napoli, looking to achieve something they had not since the days of Diego Maradona. All of these scenarios seemed possible at the start of the season, and at Christmas, it looked like Mauricio Sarri could guide Napoli to the title. It all seemed possible until the real Juventus decided to play ball.

Whilst they still had the best squad in Italy, the challenge that faced Juventus was unlike any they had faced. Sure, in the past they have swept sides away from the very beginning of a season, essentially wrapping up the title around March time, but this time, it was different. At one point, they were 12 points off the top, and nobody thought they could make up that points gap. Oh how wrong we all were.

At the time of writing, Juventus last lost in October against Sassuolo, and then went on a run where they picked up 73 points out of a potential 75. That is an absolutely amazing statistic and shows how dominant Juve were towards the end of the season. More importantly, the partnership between Paul Pogba and Paolo Dybala is a bromance that could rival anyone, including Dele Alli and Eric Dier!

The only thing that is missing from this amazing group of players is the big one. The Champions League. Last season, they came up against one of the best teams in the history of the competition in Barcelona, but if Juve can keep hold of Paul Pogba (which would an achievement in itself), they could be one of the pre-tournament favourites next season.

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