Euro 2016

Euro 2016 Competition Results

A few weeks have passed since the conclusion of the 2016 Euros held in France, and its time to announce the winners of our fun competitions. Firstly, we’d like to thank all those that took part in these competitions, we hope you enjoyed it as well as our coverage throughout.


Let’s start with the Fantasy League, which proved to be an interesting battle for the top spot. However, the eventual winner was a team called Euroteam FC with an impressive score of 355. Gunners991 was only six points off of first place, finishing second with 349. Third place went do ClassOnTehGrass with 344.


Meanwhile, in the staff Fantasy League, TFF’s management team occupied all 3 top positions. TFF’s owner Alex Crowther scored a very good total of 317. In second place was Danny Cook with 283, with Ben Jones sitting in third with 272.

Thanks to all 56 teams that took part in an enjoyable competition & stay tuned for more information regarding our next Fantasy League competition.

As for the Euro 2016 score predictor, the scores have been totalled and are displayed below on the table. Interestingly no one scored a single point in the semi-final or final rounds, proving that Portugal’s win was a bit of an upset.

Position Name Total Points
1 Danny 165
2 Leprechaun 130
3 Tom Goulde 125
4 Snedds 120
5 Wheatland 115
6 Lewis Oldham 110
7 Kieran Moss 105
8 Jonny 95
8 Andrew Cliff 95
9 Rian2410 90
10 John Bentley 85
10 Dec AKA Jack Pattison 85
11 Ben Jones 70
11 Alex Crowther 70
12 matt 30
12 Liam Drury 30
13 Connorconk 15

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