TFF FC Interview #3- ‘I wouldn’t have signed if I didn’t have belief’ - CM Jack Pattison

We recently caught up with strong, tough-tackling central midfielder Jack Pattison to talk about how he felt about signing for TFF FC.

Q1. Hi Jack, Thanks for talking to us. Firstly, are you happy to have signed for TFF?                                  A: Very, it’s an honour to sign for a club with such a great project to build for the future.

Q2: Did your friendship with manager Andrew Cliff have a major impact in that?                                       A: Not major, but it did play a part. It’s always nice to join a club where you can easily settle in and Andrew can help me do just that.

Q3: Do you have faith in the manager and the squad as a whole?                                                                            A: I wouldn’t have signed if I didn’t have belief. The manager knows what he’s doing and the current crop of players seem to get along well.

Q4: What are your expectations for this team?                                                                                                             A: To build slowly but surely and became one of the top dogs.

Q5: It has been known that you and Liam Drury don’t have the best of relationships at times. Can you expand on that?                                                                                                                                                        A:  Whatever is brought up outside of personal terms is a joke to be honest. Everyone knows a squad with good chemistry and good harmony gets on well, it’s all just banter.

Q6: You are known to be the team joker, the light-hearted one amongst the dark times. Would you agree?                                                                                                                                                                                                A: Personally yes, I like to create a good vibe around the whole squad. We all work hard behind the scenes so it’s best to even it out with some fun times as well.

Q7: As a central midfielder, do you feel the need to get into players and make them play well?              A: Yes, all teams need a heartbeat and I like to try and be just that. If a team isn’t giving it their all for the team, what’s the point in even being there.

Q8: Do you hope or expect to wear the armband at some point for the club?                                                    A: Definitely. It’s always an honour to wear the prestigious armband and I always feel as though I’m fit for it.

Q9: What do you personally see as our strongest lineup?                                                                                            A: It’s hard to judge really, but that isn’t my job. That’s down to the manager. My job is to stay focused on my area of work and do well for whatever team the boss chooses.

Q10: Do you feel that the younger players in the squad will need to be able to handle the pressure?     A: Again, it’s up to the boss to choose the team, but I will do my best to help them settle well when needed.

Now for some quickfire questions…

Messi or Ronaldo? Messi

Your best three attributes? Pace, strength, tackling.

Our key player in your opinion? Josh Keeble-Wells

Favourite Team? Newcastle United

Who do you compare yourself to? N’Golo Kante

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