TFF Weekly Football Quiz: 22 (12/8/16)

Welcome to the TFF Weekly Football Quiz!

Quiz 22 (12/8/16)

Welcome to another installment in our weekly series of fun football quizzes. This is a chance for you to show off your football knowledge to the rest of the world. This quiz should be treated as a bit of fun, as there is currently no prizes for the winners. All the questions are obviously football related and vary in difficulty. 

This week’s quiz: As you may or may not notice we are using Playbuzz to create the quiz. We think it allows us to make the quiz more presentable and also makes it more interactive, as you will see below. However the only drawback is that we will not be posting a weekly leaderboard, instead be sure to take a picture (screen shot) your score and send it to us on Twitter @OfficialTFF.

You can also vote below in the poll as we want to know your thoughts and whether this is better than the previous quiz style.

Good Luck!


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Last Weeks Top 3 (Quiz 21) Positions:

All scores out of 11

[1st] Andrew Cliff, Zinedine Zidane & Roberto Carlos =11

[2nd] Lewis Oldham  = 10 

[3rd] Jack Pattison & Jack Dixon = 7

Thanks to all that took part!

Information sources often used for the questions:  BBC Sport, Sky Sports, Soccerbase, The Telegraph, various official club websites, Wikipedia & FIFA  

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