The Secrets To Some Of The Most Succesful Footie Punters

We do love a good bet. There’s nothing like it to make a match just that little bit more important. Or to make you a footie fan who knows just that little bit more about what they’re doing. But let’s be honest, not all of us have the best luck. We’re here to change all that. We’re going to look at what it takes to turn betting from a fun hobby into a fun hobby that makes you serious money.


Finding bets that absolutely can’t fail
We’re not exaggerating here, either. If you haven’t started using this technique yet, then it’s time to start. Even people who don’t normally bet should get into this action. We’re talking about totally risk-free matched betting. Matched bets are about using the odds that different gambling sites offer against one another. By picking out the right odds, you can find those that eliminate the chance of losing any money at all. Sometimes, you might not gain all that much. Other times, you can make significantly more. It might seem sneaky, but it’s not illegal at all. Most betting sites are happy with it, since it drives more customers their way, too. A lot of sites even offer some free betting money to beginners, so using those sites for your matched bets reduces the cost of it even more.


Finding those betting maestros
Of course, there are some people who make plenty of money even without using matched bets. Some people just have an innate knowledge of the game and the facts involved. That makes them statistically a lot more successful than other people. A popular and profitable practice on the internet as of late has been to follow those kinds of people. When following football tipsters, make sure you’re paying attention to their stats. If they don’t publish their own profits and win/lose streaks, they’re not worth following. There are plenty of them on the internet, too. So you can jump from one to the next depending on how their luck is looking.



Stay informed

At some point, however, you want to get to their level. Their level is one that’s totally devoid of all emotion based on team loyalty. You might sometimes bet against your very favourites. The approach we’re talking about is using cold-hard data. Once upon a time, that meant doing tons of research. Nowadays, however, it’s as simple as using statistic tracking sites. These sites track not just team performance, but all kinds of metrics on individual players. Using those kinds of sites, you can create series of intricate bets based on real stats. The more you rely on pure fact, the more risk you’re taking out of your bets.

The secret to a successful bet isn’t following your gut. Nor is it about thinking you’ve spotted potential no-one else has. It’s about eliminating risk. From bets that can’t close to expert advice and even using cold hard stats. These are the techniques that turn you into the next expert pundit.



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