3 reasons why Pardew needed to go

I was beginning to ask, How has Alan Pardew still got a job for Christmas?  However, my wishes have finally been answered and Alan Pardew was relieved of his duties last week. Crystal Palace have only won 5 games in the league in 2016. That is disgraceful. Our squad is more than capable of a top-half finish in the Premier League, but while we were being managed by this clueless manager we looked destined for relegation. Hopefully, Sam Allardyce will able to get the full potential out of our squad. In this article, I will tell you the three most important reasons as to why the change had to be made.

1. The fans lost faith

I’ve been a Palace fan for my whole life and I’ve never seen the Red and Blue Army as angry as they were towards the end of Pardew’s reign. We held firm for all those defeats last season, all the defeats this season, but at Swansea away we cracked. Anybody that concedes 5 goals to Swansea City deserve to be relegated! The defending was shambolic, it is so simple to defend set pieces yet we lost that game because we were unable to do that. Walking back to the car, all I heard from the away fans was how desperately they wanted a new manager and Palace fans are about as patient as it gets. Crystal Palace Football Club have always valued and listened to the fans, in the end, I think the power of the fanbase dealt a fatal blow to Pardew.

2. Wilf needs to be our priority

Wilfried Zaha is easily our best player, that is unquestionable. He has 3 goals and 6 assists so far this season and undoubtedly that is only the beginning. He goes past defenders with such ease, he is using the footballing intelligence we’ve always known he has and our team is reaping the rewards. He’s 24 years old now and coming into his prime so there will be bigger clubs after his services. We received a bid from Tottenham Hotspur in the summer of £15 million, which is laughable but more than anything, that was a warning to the club. He will be very hard to keep hold of and it would have been even worse if we continued to lose every week, a player of his quality deserves much more than a relegation battle so getting away from the drop needs to be a number one priority in order to hang on to him. We needed to start winning games and that is far more likely to happen under Allardyce than Pardew.

3. We’re going backwards

After 3 years back in the Premier League, it’s looking increasingly likely that we’re not going to extend our stay. That would be devastating for our club, the progress we’ve made recently is quickly being undone. We have superstars at our club now, we can’t let all this go. Pardew was taking us to the Championship and the likes of Benteke, Zaha, Cabaye and McArthur would have been the first to jump ship in order to play in the Premier League, where they belong. It is absolutely crucial that we don’t get relegated and we seemed destined for that under Pardew.

Those are the three main reasons why I think it was time to cut our losses with Pardew and end this ‘transition’ we are in because we’re transitioning into a Championship side.

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