Are Liverpool FC good enough to challenge for the title?

The great history of Liverpool Football Club is undeniable. In days gone by, winning games wasn’t a mere goal that the club repeatedly achieved, but it was ingrained in the club’s identity. Liverpool FC didn’t know what it meant to lose football matches. World class players were commonplace and their desire for success drove the team forward. This desire inspired the fans and it is something that still sits with them today, Liverpool is the heart and soul of its community and the fans demand nothing short of success. Therefore, the current state of Liverpool Football club is something few supporters can accept. It is clear that progress isn’t unattainable and the players and manager must make sure it is achieved to keep the club at the magnitude it is ought to be, world class.

On the road towards prosperity and success, Jurgen Klopp has driven Liverpool FC in a very erratic direction. The mixture of great results and bad results doesn’t make for a healthy football club. The job of Klopp shouldn’t finish top of the league in an instant, as that simply isn’t a viable option. Rather, keeping the metaphorical vehicle on the metaphorical road in a steady fashion is what must happen in order for Liverpool to return to being champions of pretty much everything.

Don’t get me wrong, there has been instances of greatness from Liverpool recently. Moments where Liverpool beat a team that appear to be invincible, moments when Liverpool have scored an absolutely world class goal, moments where their high-pressing game completely stops a team from playing. These moments give people hope, something a club like Liverpool needs more of, but that hope is not being met with regular great moments, but rather sheer disappointment. Far too often Liverpool follow up a great result with an exceedingly poor one against a side struggling around the bottom of the Premier League.

Though title contenders historically, it is clear that Liverpool FC aren’t good enough for a title challenge this year. However, if Klopp can make it so that the club finishes the season on a steady run of form and maybe secure a Champions League spot, Liverpool supporters have something great to look forward to next season: a formidable Liverpool FC side playing without fear and hungry to win more games. If that kind of consistency isn’t accomplished, however, a new brand of management must be implemented at Liverpool, in order for Liverpool to do well.

Feature image credit: Anfield Justice



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