The Price of Watching Football

Our friends at Paddy Power send us the following infographic which depicts the price of watching modern day football. We asked one of our writers, Marissa Thomas, to give us her views on it.

Football betting odds

For a high-quality version of the infographic, click here.

Ever since the 90’s, ticket prices for football in the United Kingdom have been increasing. But, with the new TV deal in the Premier League, teams are now reducing their pricing.

Despite some teams reducing their pricing, Arsenal’s season tickets are the most expensive. Arsenal’s cheapest season ticket is £1,014. For £2 less, you could buy season tickets for eight European clubs; Porto, Porto, IFK Goteborg, Barcelona, Aalborg, Bayern Munich, Standard Leige, Valencia and Sporting Lisbon.

The cheapest season ticket in Europe is Portuguese side FC Porto which costs £88. After them is Swedish club IFK Goteborg at £89. Barcelona’s season ticket is £116, Danish club Aalborg comes in at £120 and Bayern Munich’s season ticket is £3 at £123. It is quite surprising that two of Europe’s biggest and most illustrious clubs have some of the cheapest season tickets but that is definitely value for money.

All of the five most expensive season tickets are from English clubs. The top three most expensive season tickets are all from clubs in London; Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea. Tottenham’s season ticket is £249 less than Arsenal’s £1,014 season ticket at £765 while Chelsea’s is £750, £264 less than Arsenal. Arsenal haven’t won the Premier League in 13 years and for Tottenham it has been 55 years. Chelsea last won the league in 2015 and are on course to win it again this season, so it could be argued that their season ticket price is justified. Being in the capital city allows these clubs to charge extortionate rates that they know fans will pay. The other expensive season tickets in England are Liverpool’s at £685 and Southampton’s which is £648.

In terms of value for money in the UK, the Championship sides come out on top. The cost of a home goal for season ticket holders at Wigan is just £4.59 and their ticket is priced at £179. At Fulham, their ticket costs £254 equating to £7.19 for a home goal. Barnsley are third. For a ticket priced at £270, a home goal costs £7.71. Huddersfield’s ticket is £179 like Wigan and the cost of a home goal is £7.94.  Fans at Burton pay £255 for their ticket and £7.97 is the cost of a home goal. For season ticket holders at Birmingham, a ticket is £230 and the cost of a home goal is £8.52. Lastly is Blackburn where the cost of a home goal is £8.59 and their ticket is £279.

With a new Premier League season comes cheaper prices, for some clubs. For this season, West Ham are top of the table. Their season ticket in the 15/16 season was £617.50 but now it is £289, a reduction of £328.50. Hull City have also reduced their season ticket prices. They have gone from £606 to £324 which is £282 less. Everton’s season ticket is now £580 which is £36 less than last season’s price of £616. Liverpool are the only other club to have reduced their season ticket prices. It now costs £685 instead of £710, a £25 reduction.

14 Premier League clubs have kept their prices the same. Sunderland and Middlesbrough are the only clubs that have increased their prices. Sunderland fans have experienced a £10 increase from £370 to £380. As for Middlesborough fans, their season tickets have increased a whopping £109. They were £461 but are now £570. This is most likely due to their Premier League promotion last season.

Liverpool and Hull boast the cheapest matchday tickets at £9 per person. The most expensive matchday tickets can be found at Stamford Bridge where Chelsea charge £52.

A season ticket at Maidstone United, who are in the National League, costs £354.50. For that price, three Barcelona season tickets could be purchased, as well as a programme. Make of that what you will.

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