Newcastle edged closer to promotion on Saturday. However, the atmosphere in the stands simply doesn’t match up to a top of the table side. This isn’t anything new so that raises the question what are we going to do about it?

Fan Group Attempts

Attempts have been made by various fan groups to try and return St. James’ to its best. However, despite some success, it simply hasn’t been embraced by the entire ground. The Strawberry Corner and Gallowgate is perhaps the only source of real noise. There have been attempts by some in Level 7, however, overall the ground is silent. The noise generated isn’t enough to even reach the other side of the ground. That’s not to say that their efforts are for nothing. They’ve tried and Newcastle could do with a few more like them.

This is part of the solution but it needs more people to get behind it. Not just by supporting the flags but by showing support for the team. Parts of the ground are silent apart from the occasional whinge about a decision. People come and they sit and whinge when things go wrong something which is perfectly acceptable if you get behind the team. However, most of the time they don’t.

So what’s the solution?

I don’t believe that this can’t be solved. One example would be to create a large singing section. Certain fan groups have already proposed this and have petitions to make this happen. I believe this would go along way to fixing the problem. Obviously, if rules were to change, a safe standing zone would be excellent. It’s worked wonders north of the border at Celtic. If a similar procedure was brought in at St. James’ the glory days would return.

The atmosphere is a concern it’s almost at the levels of the Emirates at the minute. However, if we get together we can fix it. Obviously, it’s not for everyone but if you can, get behind the lads. When it’s at it’s best there’s no better place to watch football, let’s make it that way again.

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