After a successful season, things are beginning to look up for Newcastle. However, just a year ago the situation was so different, stuck in the relegation zone, United were sliding towards the drop. As the kings of wit and humour, our local rivals flew a plane over St James’  amongst many things. However, this season, the situation has changed and now fans plan a revenge plane attack on the Stadium of Light. 

The Good The Bad and the Planes

The rivalry between Newcastle and Sunderland is one of the country’s finest. Throughout the years, there has been good moments, for example, the unity shown between the clubs after the MH17 crash or over Bradley Lowery. However, there has also been the bad, fights between fans and some ugly scenes on the pitch. However, with the rise of social media, the rivalry has gained a new front on which to fight on. Arguments are fairly common amongst fans on Twitter, many of them good humoured.

However, there has been a recent trend of trying to humiliate the other club through the medium of banners and more importantly planes. Famously, Sunderland fans hired a plane to fly over St. James’ after our untimely demise. You had to admit they got their point across albeit in a cringe-inducing embarrassing way.

However, a year later, we find ourselves in a similar position to which Sunderland fans were in last year. Almost instantly a fund was created to replicate last year’s embarrassment at the Stadium of Light. This is a horrendous idea. Firstly there’s no intelligence behind it, just copying something which was done last year to try and regain a little bit of pride. It isn’t even like we’ve got something to shout about. Relegation last season was a shock and an embarrassment. It shouldn’t have happened so we shouldn’t be going mental over promotion. Going overboard is asking for disaster.

Why should we lower ourselves to their level

This was embarrassing enough the first time but I personally would be more embarrassed to see our fans doing the same. It confounds me why people would throw away money to do this as well. At least come up with something original if you feel you need to gain revenge. Donate the money to something that counts. Something that’s actually worth it. Copying off our local rivals. Think again.

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