Liverpool and West Brom certainly play contrasting styles of football. Klopp’s Liverpool play fast-paced attacking football with great emphasis on pressing, while Pulis’s West Brom like to defend more while supplying goals through set piece situations. With these opposite footballing ideologies in play on the 16th of April, an entertaining match can be expected.

West Brom have the highest amount of goals scored from set-pieces so far this season, scoring 12 goals in total, four more than the next best, Swansea’s eight. Conversely, have struggled with their defence and look to be vulnerable in the air. For Liverpool, this sounds like a recipe for disaster. In this circumstance, it is key that the players are well organised to ensure no defensive mistakes that may result in an opposition goal. Unfortunately for Liverpool, Jordan Henderson is out injured and won’t be able to play in the match. Though Henderson’s defensive abilities and leadership will be missed, it is up to the rest of the Liverpool players to try to fill Henderson’s boots.

West Brom’s great defence will be hard to get passed but with the amount of zeal that the Liverpool attack has, merged with the talent that the Liverpool players have, there should be plenty of chances for goals to be scored. Attacking creativity will be absolutely vital for Liverpool and the absence of Lallana and Mane are certainly going to hinder Liverpool’s attacking success. Whether its short and quick passes to navigate through the West Brom defence, or whether its a very good longshot, that many Liverpool players are capable of producing, Liverpool have to do all they can to score goals.

With the season nearing its conclusion, points are more crucial than ever. As Sky reported, Klopp wishes to achieve a top-four finish this season, this match may prove to be very very important for achieving this goal. We all saw how Arsenal came unstuck at The Hawthorns and it is paramount that Liverpool don’t so the same.

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