The match between Liverpool FC and West Bromwich Albion will most likely not go down in history as a legendary match. Until the last 5-10 minutes of the match, there were very few shots and opportunities for either side. In all due respect to West Brom, Liverpool have a tendency of getting poor results against teams of the level of West Brom. However, with grit and determination, Liverpool ended up winning the match.

For most of the match, Liverpool’s defending was not all that bad. Unfortunately for Liverpool, there were a number of occasions where if the through ball was played just a bit better, the run was timed a bit better, or if the finishing was a bit better then a West Brom player would be through on goal to score. The coordination of Liverpool’s defensive line made it difficult for the aforementioned scenarios to go towards West Brom’s favour, so I think that the Liverpool defence did a good job. Mignolet was solid in goal as well, making good saves and dealing with crosses into the box well.

West Brom were not attacking positively until that last few minutes of the match. However, once they started attacking more, they looked very threatening to Liverpool’s defence. At times, even West Brom’s goalkeeper Foster was going up the pitch to help attack, which shows just how determined they were to score. If West Brom attacked that way more often, then they surely would have scored a few goals against Liverpool.

The only goal of the match was scored by Firmino from a set-piece, just the fourth Liverpool have scored from such a situation this season. Considering that West Brom have a very good defence, Firmino’s goal is all the more impressive. Ragnar Klavan stated recently that he thinks the set-piece game is improving for Liverpool. Therefore, the goal scored may be evidence of Liverpool’s set-piece progress.




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