Thoughts on Liverpool FC’s new kit

This week, Liverpool FC announced their new home kit for the next footballing season, which is made by New balance.

When one observes a match of football, it is likely that the first thing that catches their eye is the team’s kits, so kits are an integral part of the economic success of any football club and with this kit being used at Liverpool, I predict a burgeoning in the Liverpool FC’s business.

The thing that immediately strikes my eye is the sheer redness of the kit. In lieu of the more standard red that Liverpool sported this year, the new kit is a very dark red, which gives off a feeling of boldness. And of course, as Liverpool FC’s website articulated, it is Liverpool’s 125th year anniversary. For an anniversary that commends the long lasting history and hopes for future growth, a kit that stunning must match that kind of calibre. Therefore, I find that the colour choice for that kit is apt, given the occasion. If one may think that such a colour is too bold, the white ends of the sleeves and collars counterbalance that quite well.

The badge in the top left of the shirt is gold, which represents Liverpool’s history well. In prior years, there were times when the badge was white, which is not nearly as impressive as the shiny gold is. Hopefully, Klopp will be able to win some trophies to replicate the level of gold of that badge.

The goalkeeper’s kit is not as great, in my opinion, as it is green. Perhaps the contrast with the gold may seem too odd, so the badge is white. Also, I would have liked to have seen the kit to be a few shades darker to match the colours on the top part of the Liverpool emblem. The sleeves of that shirt also have a very odd zig-zag design which seems a bit unnecessary, but it should not be an issue whatsoever. Green is a complementary colour of red, so it would certainly be easy to discern between outfield players and the keeper.

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