Liverpool: Solanke heading to Anfield

Solanke is going to join Liverpool Football Club during this summer. Solanke will hopefully be a tremendous signing for Liverpool.


The 19-year-old Englishmen is going to be a great addition to the Merseyside club managed by Jurgen Klopp; he had an impressive 1:3 goals to games played ratio, by scoring 7 out in 21 for Vitesse Arnhem during a loan spell there two years ago and he has also scored three goals for the England U20 national team. The signing of forward Sadio Mané was an absolutely great one, given how great of a player Mané proved to be in the 2016-17 season and was the signing of centre back Matip, who was a player consistently featuring in the Liverpool starting XI. The people in charge of the transfers and scouting in Liverpool Football Club have proven their skill, and therefore, the prowess of there’s may well be applied to the signing of Solanke from Chelsea FC.

As Solanke is only 19, his maturation as a footballer may be influenced greatly by how Klopp wants him to play in his team in ways that older players cannot, because those who have been in the game for a long period of time don’t improve and learn as dramatically quickly as those who are younger. It is simply common sense. There is no logic behind signing an older player at a club like Liverpool, as very few players have ever played in a system such as Klopp’s, at it is quite unique. It would be great if Solanke, a man with already vast potential, not only becomes a great football because of the training he partakes in at Liverpool Football Club but hopefully, it will be great if he becomes a player who plays well in the Liverpool and Klopp brand of football.

Not every single footballer who has high potential ever meets their highest capabilities, but Solanke will surely come through for Liverpool in a time where a world-class striker would be greatly appreciated. Woodburn, a player in a similar position as Solanke, being a forward and is under 20 years of age, has had a great time at Liverpool Football Club. Woodburn has already made eight appearances for the club, and who could forget the goal that he scored! Given that he would be just joining Liverpool, it’s hard to imagine that Solanke will immediately make the first team and consistently play, but he will hopefully be a great player for Liverpool in a few years time.

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