Newcastle United: Would Tammy Abraham be a good move for Newcastle?

It has been widely speculated that Chelsea youngster Tammy Abraham will join United on loan. There has been much speculation to what the youngster can bring to Newcastle.

On the face of it, this is a smart deal…

Tammy Abraham was hugely successful last season. One of the Championships leading marksman at the young age of 19.

Almost single handily lifting Bristol City out of trouble shows just what he can bring to a club. However, from the Championship to the Premier League is a big step up.

Abraham has shown the qualities he possesses to make this jump though. In 40 appearances, he racked up 23 goals in his debut Championship season.

Repeating such a feat the Premier League seems unlikely. However, he could still have a successful season.

Chelsea coach, Eddie Newton believed he has the quality to make it in the Premier League. A man who has worked alongside the youngster.

Furthermore, when looking at how successful Chelsea’s academy is at developing talent. We may be in for a surprise from the youngster.

However, Newcastle must approach this deal with caution. Patrick Bamford another Chelsea youngster had similar success in the Championship. Despite this, he never could really make it in the Premier League after scoring 17 for Middlesbrough.

This shouldn’t put Newcastle off. If given the chance, which Bamford was not, Abraham could be a huge success for the Tyneside club.

When compared to the striking records of our other strikers who featured in the same league. He outscored them all apart from Gayle. However, considering his age that is some achievement.

When looking at the success, Romelu Lukaku had when going on loan to West Brom, you can clearly see that this allows a young striker to take a step up.

Instead of rotting away on Chelsea’s bench, he can develop hopefully in a successful way, like Lukaku.

This is a risk for Benitez but he has taken many risks throughout his career and many have paid off. He is the man of course who turned Xabi Alonso into a world class star.

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