Newcastle: Why Mitrovic deserves time

Aleksandar Mitrović is a player that has divided Newcastle fans. Some want him gone but many want him to stay. So here are my thoughts on the matter.

I want to start this article by saying I am a big fan of Mitrović. Between the fiery passion and bullet headers, I think he can lead the line for many years to come. Although there are some issues with him which I will get into later.


In the Serbian’s first season he bagged 9 goals which is decent considering it’s his first Premier League season in a poor team. But this season was less than fruitful, with 4 goals in 24 matches. This stat looks very bad but his defence he’s only played a full 90 minutes five times. Mitrović’s chances for 90 minutes have been few and far between. Compare this to 15/16 when he had 15 full matches and scored 9 goals. I believe that if he is given time, he will deliver.

One of the biggest strengths of his game is his hold up play. With his height he can bring others into the game and create chances for them, which is very unselfish.

On the international stage


For Serbia he has been tearing it up, scoring 5 goals in his last 5 matches. You can see these goals here (make sure to follow him on Twitter as he has some top content). From the video, he can pull off some tricky finishes. Yet again because he is backed by the manager.

Downsides of his game

I’ve been talking very highly of Mitrović, but there are a few downsides to his game. First of all is his discipline. In his first season, he picked up 2 red cards and 4 yellow cards. That makes him a liability sometimes and a worry for the manager. Another weakness of his game is that he is pretty wasteful with his chances. For every 3 big chances he gets, he scores 1. If he can eliminate that from his game, he can grow into a top striker.


To round this article off, I’d like to say that I believe that Mitrovic should stay at the club as we have a potentially top class striker on our hands.

Feature image credit: Ben Sutherland



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