Liverpool: What will Salah bring to the club?

With Liverpool completing the £34m signing of Mohamed Salah, after his medical on Thursday, I will answer the all-important question. What can Salah add to the squad?

Goals, goals and more goals

In Serie A, a league with great defending prowess, Salah has scored 15 and assisted 11 in 29 matches. That, of course, is a tremendous achievement. If the Egyptian winger can be so productive in the great defensive league that is the Serie A, then he can very increase those numbers in the Premier League. The outstanding clubs of last season were Chelsea FC and Tottenham and their successes were both built upon a strong defence. For Liverpool to challenge them next season, they must be able to break through these defences and put the ball in the back of the opposition’s net and Salah may be the key player to do this.

Squad depth

Liverpool last season saw goals come from all over the pitch, which was a big reason for their improvement in comparison to the season before. However, the probability of all those players, who played so well last season, to emulate their record oncemore is not likely. Sure, Wijnaldum and Lallana played really well, but will they continue the new season with good form? What about Coutinho? He has proven to be at times an inconsistent player, but has he rectified that? With Liverpool’s Champions League football next season, along with cup matches and the Premier League, the importance of depth in the squad to make sure players on good form are playing as much as possible will be put to the test more intensely than the last one.

Some magic

Football is more than just statistics; no matter how hard a footballer trains, he or she cannot prepare for each and every in-match situation. That is why players with magic are so essential. Coutinho and Gerrard have on numerous occasions won Liverpool points due to their magnificent strikes in an improbable circumstance. That attribute of magic and a little Je ne sais quoi is certainly possessed by Salah. As may be seen below, Salah, with his back towards the goal and while standing on the byline, managed to twist his body to hit the ball into the back of the net. If Salah can keep on doing things like this, Liverpool will be in good hands for sure.

With his goal producing ability, his addition to the depth of the squad and his magic, I believe Salah will be a great signing for Liverpool. Liverpool are definitely improving, so a great season may be up ahead.

Feature image credit: anfieldjustice




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