Newcastle: Can the club ever have good times under Mike Ashley?

Sunday morning saw claims once again in many papers that Rafa Benitez is unhappy at Newcastle. Since taking over in March 2016, these stories have been regular inside many columns.

This leads to the question whether Newcastle can ever be successful under owner Mike Ashley…

So far the evidence has been clear. Since gaining a majority stake in Newcastle in 2008. Ashley has been a walking disaster for United.

His numerous gaffs have made Newcastle a laughing stock in football community. Promised investment didn’t come until it was too late.

This undoubtedly led to the second relegation of the club in 2016 under his tenure. One word sums up Newcastle under Ashley. Neglect.

However, the London born businessman has managed to survive everything that has been thrown at him.

Fan protests in 2008 and 2015 have seen little change. Managing the club like a totalitarian dictator everyone who holds ambition has been crushed by him and his cronies.

This is why we find ourselves in this position for what seems like the umpteenth time. Benitez took a risk on United so far it’s paid off.

Ashley has promised change however so far we’ve only heard these words and little action. We did see an improvement in the windows in 2015 and 16.

However with United now no longer making profit. Due to years of neglect. Don’t expect heavy spending from the Magpies this summer.

Ashley is a businessman first and foremost. I personally believe that the rumoured Chinese investments maybe down to trying to keep promises of a good transfer budget to Benitez.

With the club losing money Ashley is scared to pump money in. Once again he seems to Ben falling for the same mistakes.

I would love to say that I’m completely wrong but after 10 years of this I’ve been worn down by Ashley. To be positive or think that we will ever get anywhere under him seems completely unlikely in my opinion.

This is what is the most upsetting thing about Newcastle. It seems as though the clubs fans will never get there happy ending. As long as Ashley remains the way he is.

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