Newcastle: What should United fans expect from the new season?

With the window in full swing. At least outside of Tyneside. The new season is coming over the horizon. So what can United fans expect from their return to the Premier League?

Don’t be overly ambitious…

If anything is to be learned from Newcastle’s 125 years of existence. It is that nothing comes easy. When it does it’s even harder to maintain.

This fundamental problem with the club has been pondered upon to death. However, in recent months it seems as though genuine good times may return to United.

Despite this the devil which is Mike Ashley has been looming over this. His shadow casting doubt across Newcastle’s fanbase over whether the club will keep hold of Benitez.

Benitez is the key to a better future for United. So through that theory he is key to whether this will be a successful season.

Benitez is back on home turf in the Premier League after a testing time in the Championship. There will be no period to try and get it right.

As many managers have seen in the Ashley era. If Newcastle were to lose their first six he would not hesitate to sack the manager.

The obvious exception being Pardew. However, Benitez has the crucial fan support. You can count on that remaining even if Rafa was to suffer a poor start.

The coming months of the window will also prove vital. If United were to splash the cash something which seems unlikely in the current climate.

There is no reason why Newcastle shouldn’t be aiming for a mid table finish. However, if this squad was to face the trials of the Premier League expect relegation.

Simon Grayson and his barbershop quartet at Sunderland need to learn from Newcastle last season. However the same applies to Benitez this season.

Sunderland struggled due to their real lack of any quality as well as an overall lack of passion. Certain players at United have already proven they have these tendencies.

This is why I don’t understand the decision to offer Yoan Gouffran a new contract. One word sums up Gouffran in the Premier League: gutless.

I haven’t seen anything which will prove otherwise. Vurnon Anita however perhaps deserved a new contract for his tireless work for the past two seasons.

For a central midfielder to be put out of position and not complain as well as putting decent performances. Definitely deserves more praise than Anita got.

Newcastle must learn this summer or they will be repeating what their local rivals did last season.

Featured Image Credit: Ben Sutherland



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