Newcastle: A frustrating transfer window so far but will things get better?

It’s frustration all round on Tyneside. The promising summer has turned into a stressful nightmare. With old failings of the club beginning to rear their heads again.

However, will things get better? We can look at this in two ways.

The positive approach is that Newcastle have signed a new player. Benitez has controlled this time, so it will be different to past years. Or we can look at it in a negative manner. Ashley hasn’t spent enough in past summers and has regularly failed to back the manager. So why would he do so for Benitez?

I think the real answer to this is a mixture of both of these things. Benitez clearly has some level of budget, something Chris Hughton didn’t enjoy when Newcastle were last promoted.

However, when looking at the changing state of the market since the last time we were in the Premier League, it simply isn’t enough

The TV deal which came into play when United were relegated has changed things. The new £15 million is £30 million and players have doubled in price.

An example of this James McCarthy. Rumours in many tabloids have claimed that Everton put a £25 million price tag on the midfielder’s head. 

However, if you compare this to the signing of Jonjo Shelvey. A similar player ability wise to McCarthy. Signing for us for just £12 million in January of last year.

The rules have changed and United are still stuck in the past. To get the type of player they want they must put the money in.

Gone are the days when you could get decent Premier League players for around £10 million. Slowly clubs across Europe are realising this as well.

The ridiculous fees being paid by Premier League clubs is staggering. Especially when looking at clubs like Everton spending £30 million on simply good players.

When five years ago that could have bought a world class player. Newcastle must get with the times or risk being left in the past.

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