Newcastle: Where the media gets it wrong

Without another report of Rafa being unhappy with the board, I decided to look at why the back pages get it wrong about Newcastle.

Rafa’s unhappiness

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Yesterday, The Mirror broke this story about Benitez being furious at the board for not going after Joselu and Townsend. Personally, I don’t buy the stories of Rafa wanting to walk from Newcastle. At his speaking at Nine Bar, he seemed upbeat and happy. He was smiling and cracking jokes with the audience. He also spoke of his happiness at Newcastle and his plans for the future. Surely if he was close to walking he wouldn’t be planning for the next few months and seasons? Another subject he touched upon is the “crazy” transfer market. This shows he clearly understands the transfer situation and how hard it is to get deals done. So the stories of him being angry don’t make sense as he knows the market is all over the place.

Adding onto this, never trust anything Newcastle related from The Mirror as they always post negative content about Newcastle. You could say it’s bordering on an agenda against Newcastle. It’s almost as if a lot of the national newspapers don’t want Newcastle having a manager as great as Benitez as he is always being linked away from us.

The media on the fans

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Something else that gets posted a lot is how Newcastle fans are “too demanding” and the club will suffer because of this. I’m sorry but this is as far from the truth as possible. We’ve had to put up with two relegations in 10 years, constant relegation battles, and the board continually throwing the club into trouble with their bad management and shrewd spending. Newcastle haven’t won a major trophy since 1969 and still managed to sell over 40,000 thousand season tickets this season. That doesn’t sound like a “demanding” fan base, does it? The media also claim that the fans are putting pressure on the squad by wanting a top 10 finish. Again, this doesn’t make sense because most of the fan base have said they would be happy finishing 14th-15th as long as we stayed up comfortably.

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