Newcastle: Why the board must change

A recent interview from Mike Ashley highlighted how dysfunctional the board at Newcastle is. In this article, I’ll be talking about why I think the board needs to change.


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In his interview, Mike Ashley claimed that he “doesn’t have cash in the bank” as all of his money is in shares. If you’re an owner of a football club that desperately needs survival, you cannot afford to do that. He also claims that he “can’t compete with Manchester City”. The fans aren’t asking for £250 million worth of transfers each summer, a mere £20 million would be enough for a striker and a goalkeeper. If Ashley can’t, or won’t, give the club what it needs he shouldn’t be running a football club. It also comes down to the fact that Ashley doesn’t know anything about football or running a football club.

Transfer Committee

Something else that has plagued Newcastle as of late is all the bureaucracy in all the transfers. In an ideal world, the board would just give Benitez the money and let him get on with it because Benitez clearly knows more about football than Ashley and Charnley but because Ashley can’t back the club financially, transfer targets are severely limited.

Keep the manager happy

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Every Newcastle fan’s worst nightmare is news Rafa is unhappy. But recently, the news has reoccurred and it’s no secret Benitez is frustrated. The most annoying thing is, that it is such an easy problem to solve. Neither the fans or the manager are asking for £50 million signings, a striker and left back would easily keep us up and that can be funded with less than £30 million.

Next summer, a takeover from an owner that knows football might not be the worst thing in the world. An owner that understands football and will give the club money when needed is something Newcastle fans have been crying out for years.

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