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Bristol Rovers:..What If?

We all remember the day, 4/5/14, Probably one of the worst days in our recent history. If you don’t understand what I am talking about, it was the end of Bristol Rovers’ 94 year football league stay… But what if it never happened?

what if we didn’t get relegated? What if the job hadn’t had been handed over to Darrell Clarke with 8 games left to go? Would we still be in league 1? Although obviously it was a horrible experience being relegated to the depths of non league dispair, it could have been a blessing in disguise.

I think most Rovers fans would be very happy in the situation we are currently in. A very strong squad, in my opinion one of the best in recent years, managed by a fantastic manager, who can see us challenging in the championship; who is supported and backed by very ambitious owner. I think it’s fair to say that Bristol Rovers football club is heading in the right direction.

But just imagine, if we hadn’t been relegated, say we finished 15th, with John Ward remaining manager and Darrell Clarke staying at his position as assistant manager. With him eventually leaving Rovers to become a successful manager at another club. Would John Ward really have led us to our highest league position this century? Would he really have got us in the position we currently are in? Honestly, I don’t think so.

Take Wael Al-Qadi for example, would the management staff be backed by not only an owner, but a fan. We quite regularly see Wael in the away end with the Rovers fans, it’s amazing to see this ownership, quite unlike most ownership you see within the English leagues. Would he really be investing money into a club he didn’t see moving up. To start with he got us out of the debt we had been left in, and he has bought the excellent new training facilities. Would he really invest that much in a club he doesn’t see going places?

To conclude, I really don’t think that Bristol Rovers would be in the situation they are currently in without the kick up the bum which was relegation.

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