Newcastle: How Ashley is sucking the positivity out of Newcastle

May 2017, Newcastle won the Championship on the final day. With Rafa Benitez at the helm, positivity was perhaps at an all time high in the Ashley era. However, over the summer, Ashley has chipped away at this.

So what exactly has happened…

To begin with Ashley in the past week has agitated the fan base and manager. His interview with Sky Sports has caused further problems at Newcastle.

In his pre match press conference for the game against Huddersfield, Benitez had this to say about the interview and Ashley’s broken promises.

He knows what he told me (in May) and what I was thinking.’ 

This doesn’t read well for United fans. Over the summer this positivity which has been eroded away by instances like this by Ashley.

Ashley’s interview is almost pure propaganda. The interview appears carefully put together to display Ashley in the right light.

The overall message of the interview is tough I have no money. However, Benitez has exposed the real Ashley to all.

Mike Ashley is a liar and you cannot trust a word of his interview with Sky. He is not a clueless buffoon but a clever businessman.

Ashley has made false promises to United fans before and has to Benitez this summer. The lack of investment has sucked away the positivity from Rafa and the fans.

The endless disappointment in the transfer window is the main frustration. If Ashley truly cares about getting success then he will get some of his wallpaper money to give Benitez to spend.

This is getting boring now after ten years. However, a special mention must be given to the tabloids. They have fuelled the fire with numerous mistruths.

The articles about Rafa have been unwanted. As well as, the numerous red herrings in the transfer market.

However, we have been left with little money. Benitez has worked wonders to sign half decent players for United.

For that he deserves credit as well as for standing by the fans and not leaving. Ashley, however, needs to spend or go.

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