Newcastle: As the window closes the inquest begins

The transfer window has slammed shut. For Newcastle fans it has been well and truly disappointed. After so much promise going into the window. The results were soul destroying as the club seems to be wandering into another Ashley nightmare.

So what went wrong?

There were so many problems with this window. Newcastle’s reluctance to get with the times being the major problem.

The true managers of Newcastle United, Ashley and Charnley, and let’s not beat around the bush they are in charge not Rafa. Seemingly believed it was still 2009.

Overall, Newcastle have spent nowhere near the money promised to Benitez in the summer. Typical Ashley lies have caught out the fans and Rafa.

However, by this point it should be expected. Years and years of lies should have pointed to this. Ashley is destroying this club and he’s done it before.

He’ll do it again. He needs to leave. The problem is that he won’t. However, the best chance this club has ever had at progressing, Rafa Benitez will not stand for it.

To expect Benitez to continue after the amount of broken promises made to him by the club. If he went to West Ham I wouldn’t blame him.

At West Ham there is investment, a clear plan and ambition. Something that the regime at Newcastle simply lacks in.

Whilst he might not get the same love and support from the fans, ultimately that will count for little if he is allowed to build.

With Benitez at the helm the future would look bright. For Newcastle however it’s hard to say the future bright.

Hopefully Benitez will stay. If he doesn’t Newcastle won’t stay up. Its simple. Only he can get the most out of the players to increase the performance levels.

However due to Ashley’s handy work it appears to be a tough job.

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