Newcastle: What should expectations be on Tyneside?

One of football’s most famous myths revolves around Newcastle’s fan base.

In certain sections of the media in recent times, United’s fans have been lambasted for falsely expecting the world from the football club.

However, after a dismal transfer market, expectations hit new lows at St. James’ Park. But now things have changed. Two wins on the bounce has lifted spirits around the clubs fanbase.

After Sunday’s 1-0 victory over Swansea. The question truly is where should Newcastle fans realistically expect to finish this season.

United’s first three games were a nightmare. Against Spurs the Magpies were desperately unlucky in slumping to a 2-0 defeat. With the Huddersfield game showing a less than impressive performance.

However, the side appeared to have hit rock bottom after crashing out of the League Cup to Nottingham Forest. Newcastle’s survival hopes looked thin however the strong minded squad have rallied.

Wins over West Ham and Swansea have shown the quality needed in a side capable of staying up. The attitudes and performances have been flawless.

So have these games changed fans perception. The answer is certainly. Especially after a confident away victory at Swansea proved United’s strength in character.

Despite Sky pundit Paul Merson’s insulting comments earlier in the week. United did truly show ‘Premier League class’ in a grinding win. Similar to what they did regularly last year.

This will evoke a confidence around the club. Furthermore Newcastle fans can take heed when comparing their started to successful promoted sides of the past who have stayed up.

An example is Burnley from last season who had just four points at this stage two less than United after a similar start. United fans should be looking at examples from previous seasons like this.

Burnley enjoyed a successful season their best in the Premier League era by remaining in the league. So comparing the starts there is no reason why United can’t replicate this.

Whilst comparing ourselves to Burnley might not be seen as a positive thing. By looking at successful examples and previous clubs who came up as Champions you can learn from it.

Therefore giving you an idea of where to position themselves. Benitez will target survival with ambition to grow and United fans should be expecting a lower mid table finish.

Despite not being glamorous this would be an excellent building block towards moving the club forward.

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