Why Fans Enjoy Football So Much

There’s a lot of reasons why football, or soccer, can draw people in.

Football is easy to get into at fan level, and is just enjoyable to spend your energy on. With the premier league season in full swing, now’s a good time to reflect on why a lot of people find football so good to both watch and participate in. Here’s a little food for thought on the matter.

You Watch It Growing Up

With such a popular sport like football, chances are you were practically raised on seeing it on the television. This makes it a staple of your childhood, and more likely for you to enjoy or play as an adult. England v West Germany in 1966 is so famous that even kids nowadays know about it, despite never having watched it. Therefore football has an overarching reach on media.

It Has An Element Of Unpredictability

Football is sometimes considered the most unpredictable of games, as almost any move is allowed, except using your hands. People of varying talents come together on a field and face off against each other for an hour and a half and rivalries can develop. So when you’re watching a match, either team have a chance of winning. This is even more hyped up when considering the big matchups between all star teams and countries. No matter what, you know the score is going to be good. There’s nothing definite until the final match day after all.

It Requires Good Skill And Stamina

Football is a skill that anyone, no matter how big or small, can learn to play. However, the fact that only a certain amount of people are even qualified to coach a team denotes it as a hard sport to get to grips with well, with chess level strategizing and prime physical fitness the top two priorities. You also have to be able to work well in a team and rely on your teammates, which a lot of competitive people have difficulty doing. So learning discipline in a sport that’s incredibly competitive and is such a lucrative market seems like it can make you a better person overall.

There’s Money Making Opportunities To Be Had

Going back to the competitiveness even the fans feel at home when watching the game, the idea of betting on your favourite team draws so many people in. Watching something you love whilst having a stake in it at the same time? A lot of fun can be had with betting on the outcome of the season. Similarly, you can get a huge team together to to try and find patterns in previous scores and base your winnings on those, so it’s inclusive as well.

Football is a long standing sport we’ve been playing for as long as humanity can remember. It makes sense that there’s something about it we love so much to keep it going for so long. Often the only entertainment people had, football is here to stay as a result.




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