Newcastle: The impressive Jamaal Lascelles

After two stellar performances against Stoke and Swansea, Lascelles has a lot of plaudits coming his way.

Cast your minds back to Southampton away 2015/16. An absolutely shocking performance and a 3-1 defeat. There was one glimmer of hope, fortunately, a post-match interview by Jamaal Lascelles who was only 22 at the time. He showed how mature and aware he was:

“It’s the players and we have to take full responsibility. It’s ourselves who need to change it and not the manager” and “We need to play with more heart”

After the end of a dismal season, Lascelles was rightfully rewarded with the captain’s armband. Towards the end of last season, however, he played through a hernia which meant his form dropped a lot after Christmas. Yes, it may not have been the smartest decision but it shows just how committed Lascelles is to the badge. Playing through an injury for 4 months could’ve seriously affected his overall ability and cost us promotion, but the fact he kept on going is what the club needs. A strong leader who can take responsibility when the team plays bad is what this club has lacked for many, many years.

This season, he’s already won the club 6 points. two game-winning headers against Swansea and Stoke and blocking a certain goal against Swansea. The Englishman is back on full form and can only get better from here.

Now I don’t think he’ll ever set the world alight and turn into the next Rio Ferdinand, but I do think he will be a top 10 team player and be our captain for the 10+ years.

Feature image credit: Joe89316



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