TFF Talks Season 2 Episode 5 (25/09/2017)

Here’s your chance to catch up with the fifth episode from the second season of TFF Talks. The football podcast that is brought to you by Crowther Media and Half Time Cuppa and sponsored by Classic 11 shirts.

All previous episodes are available on YouTube and our Audio Boom channel.

Thanks to all guests for appearing on the show: (Host) Max Hayes, Ben Jones and George Parr.

Join us every Monday at 7pm to 8pm live on the TFF YouTube channel, with different guests every week!

Be sure to check out the Football League podcast hosted by Max Hayes (Click here).

Please let us know what you think of the show by tweeting us @OfficialTFF as well as messaging us on our Facebook page (The Football Forecast) or leaving your comments on the YouTube video.

Click here to listen to the previous episode of TFF Talks

TFF Talks is sponsored by Classic 11 Shirts



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