Newcastle: Why Mike Ashley must go

After a disastrous transfer window and interest in a takeover, I’m going to be exploring why Ashley must leave.

Since Mike Ashley took over in 2007, Newcastle have had one good season in the Premier League finishing 5th. In that 10 year period, Newcastle have only finished in the top 10 twice and have been relegated twice. For a cub the size of Newcastle, that is a disgrace. Sure some of the blame can be put on the players but when you’re choosing poor managers, buying poor players and not giving the managers enough funding, a lot of the blame has to be put on the owner.

Kevin Keegan summed the whole situation up well here. Despite the interview being six years old, the majority of the points are still true today (thankfully Llambias has left). There is no trust between the manager and the board. Rafa has already experienced this when he was promised money and got nothing in return.

Then we come to the next point, Mike Ashley knows nothing about football. This would be fine if he just gave the manager money and let him get on with it. However,  this simply isn’t what he does. Ashley always tries to intervene and tries to save every last penny (let’s not forget he’s worth $3.3 billion).I would be fine with a rich owner that just gave the manager money and did nothing more.

In my opinion, the board has made too many bad decisions, cut too many corners, and broken too many promises to earn redemption. Gone are days of challenging for Europe under Sir Bobby Robson and Kevin Keegan. I believe we could challenge for Europe under Benitez but not when you have a poor owner like Ashley.

Mike Ashley thanks for two relegations in 10 years, but it’s time to go.

Feature image credit: Ben Sutherland



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