Premier League: Christmas Eve games sees football finally lose it’s soul

This week, news broke that Sky and the Premier League were plotting moving games to Christmas night. Amongst the suspected games planned to be moved are West Ham vs Newcastle and Arsenal v Liverpool.

A move described by the Football Supporters Association as “a new low point in putting the interests of football broadcasters over those of match-going fans”.

Since 1992, English football has a lot to thank Sky for. However, the increasing presence of the multimedia giant over England’s top tier is starting hurt the fan experience.

If Newcastle’s game is moved to Christmas Eve. It will mean fans will arrive home in the early hours of Christmas morning. Hardly a Christmas treat for fans.

Slowly, football is getting its heart and soul ripped out to benefit rich owners and Sky’s viewing figures. However, no doubt a game on Christmas Eve will bring in viewing figures.

If we refuse to watch refuse to turn up, fans can make a difference and show their worth. By boycotting the game this won’t happen.

Furthermore, it is not only the fans who will feel the pinch of this. Staff who work in catering on minimum wage will be dragged in on a holiday, ruining the day for people.

As well as the strain on public transport. For Newcastle fans this is beginning to become annoying. Sky, this season, have consistently picked long away game travels for inconvenient timings.

For example, the 4pm trip to Brighton on a Sunday a 346 mile journey. The same as next week’s game away to Southampton. An absolute joke for fans.

Furthermore, fans rights need to be protected by the league. To prevent fans being mistreated by Sky and BT. However, the league centres around just money and that shouldn’t be the case.

The Bundesliga understands that fans should be the centre of the leagues attention. £12 for a game. Here fans are the main focus unlike in England. And that has to change.

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