Newcastle: Paul Dummett returns but how will he be received?

Paul Dummett is a controversial figure on Tyneside. The Welsh international is perhaps one of the only success stories from the United academy.

However, as he prepares to return to the side, some fans won’t be happy to see him return. However, is that a fair perception of the left back? Since breaking into the starting eleven Dummett has done everything expected of him.

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But is that enough? For Rafa Benitez apparently so. The Champions League winning coach used Dummett more times than anyone else last season. Appearing in 3567 minutes of the season.

Clearly , hat shows Dummett’s importance to Benitez. He also started the first game against Tottenham. However , it has to be said that Dummett has been better than others in left back this season.

In comparison, both Yedlin and Manquillo are both natural right backs and have come under criticism in recent weeks. Chancel Mbemba also had a stint at left back doing surprisingly well.

The Welsh International, however, came under huge criticism last season far greater than that of others. Dummett had a 6.89 rating according to Who Scored in 2015/16. In comparison to Deandre Yedlin who has 6.8 rating.

However, Dummett was even better in the Championship so may have even improved. Whilst Yedlin is far superior going forward it’s arguable who is the better defender.

That raises the question of whether United fans should criticise the Welsh international so much. Newcastle’s number three can make mistakes and often major ones.

However, on the whole he is solid and until a replacement is made he should be in the mix. Especially as hard working players like Dummett are needed in the long hard season that Newcastle face ahead.

Whilst the Welsh International is regularly frustrating he is young, still growing and loves the shirt. Whilst he’s not the best we should get behind the team whoever takes the position on the pitch.

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