Newcastle: Crucial Updates on Takeover Bid

Last night, it emerged that Amanda Staveley’s PCP Capital Partners had submitted a bid of £300m for Newcastle United and naturally, it sent the Geordie nation into overdrive.

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These reports surfaced at around 7:00pm with Sky Sports News being one of the first news outlets to report this bid. According to reports, PCP Capital Partners submitted this £300m bid late last week and so set the ball rolling on what may prove to be the most supported football takeover in recent memory.

However, the motives for why this news has been leaked has fuelled debate ever since the bid was launched. Adding more fuel to the fire is the lack of noise from the current Newcastle owner and board of directors which has slightly soured the reactions of Newcastle fans.

Furthermore, within just hours of the initial story making headlines, other sources claim reports of a £300m bid are false with the actual sum offered much lower. Then there are the reports that there will be a relegation clause within the bid which means Mike Ashley may have to repay money if Newcastle suffer relegation at the end of the season.

With all of this confusion, it is clear this takeover will be an immensely complicated business deal and the likelihood of it being completed by the January transfer window is unlikely. However, what is clear is that for the first time in Mike Ashley’s tenure there has been legitimate interest in Newcastle United and with a bid tabled, Mike Ashley now has a decision to make.



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