Leatherhead: Interview with Zaki Oualah

Our Leatherhead reporter, Billie Jo, interviewed Leatherhead goalkeeper Zaki Oualah after their amazing cup run.

What’s the best save you think you’ve ever made? – I think the best save I ever made was playing for Aylesbury United V Kempston Rovers. It was a freekick 25 yards out and it deflected off the wall into the opposite top corner and I managed to change direction and spring to tip it around the post!

To your memory, what’s the best goal you think you’ve conceded? – The best goal I have probably conceded was against Barton rovers last year, Connor Calcutt from 30 yards out half-volleyed it into the top corner off the bar and in!

What player do you think is the hardest you’ve ever had to play against? – The hardest player I’ve ever had to play against is probably Akinfenwa last week! He’s very strong and deceivingly skilful.

In your Goalkeeping career, what club has had/has the best defence that you’ve worked with? – So far in my career probably Leatherhead now has, had the best defence I’ve worked with as we have an experienced back 3 who are solid.

What were the main factors behind Joining Leatherhead Football Club? – The main factors of why I joined Leatherhead were because of the ambitions of the club and management. I knew coming here I would be able to push my career on.

Why did you become a Goalkeeper and not another position? – I became a Goalkeeper when I was around 10 years old, I used to play football with older lads who were 4 or 5 years older than me and they would never pass me the ball. I got bored so I went in goal and started making saves and from then I loved it!

Thankyou to Leatherhead and Zaki Oualah for this interview and Alfie Gates for setting it up.



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