Match Preview: England Vs Belgium

England take on Belgium for the final game of the group stages at 7pm today. The result will decide who will finish top of group G and which team they will face in round 16. Both teams currently standing at 6 points each, with the same goal difference.

Who could we face?

As both teams prepare for the game ahead they will also be keeping in mind who they could possibly face, the winner of the group will face second place of group H, the final games of group H are today at 3pm. However if England win the group and win the round 16 game they then face either Brazil or Mexico. On the other hand if England finish second and win the round 16 game they will face Sweden or Switzerland. This has sparked a debate between fans if they would rather England win the group or finish second, due to the fact that it is possible England could face Uruguay, Argentina, France or Portugal if they finish top of Group G and manage to beat either Brazil or Mexico. Whereas if England finish second, win the round 16 and beat either Sweden or Switzerland they then face Croatia, Denmark, Spain or Russia this is said to be the more “favourable” option.

However this is only a possibility. England must focus on the game ahead, before worrying who they could possibly play. England would have to make it to the Quarter Finals or Semi – Finals for these to be a possibility.

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What happens if we draw?

Looking to todays game against Belgium it is also possible they could draw. As both teams are on the same points, goals scored and goal difference in the event of draw it is decided by fair play points; least amount of bookings. England currently having two bookings whereas Belgium stand with three. With it being likely a card to be shown. If both teams finish with the same amount of fair play points it is the decided by drawing lots. This has been done before; in 1990 drawing lots was used to decided who would play where between Netherlands and Republic of Ireland. This is done by putting a piece of paper with each team in a ball and then drawn out which team will play where.

This game is the decider of the rest of the tournament for both teams. An important game which will decide who they face next, all eyes will be on the game.

My prediction: England 2 – 2 Belgium




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