Why is media important within football – PART 1

Media is big influence on football, impacting on the club, fans and players. Here at The Football Forecast we got the opportunity to ask some questions to Concord Ranger’s media manager Alfie Gates –

1) What makes media in football so important?

I think the fact everyone from young to old uses some sort of media, whether it be Facebook, YouTube, twitter or just the Internet. It’s used by so many that clubs now have seen it as an opportunity to advertise to fans and gain sponsorship.

It’s also one of those things that you can pump up your crowd by making motivational videos at the club, it can really help increase attendances.

2) Why is it vital for football clubs to use media to communicate with fans?

It’s one of those things, if a club didn’t have a good media 10 years or so ago then no one thought much of it but now if a club hasn’t got a good media it sticks out like a sore thumb. Media is so good for fans, it brings a club together, it creates an atmosphere where you feel closer to the players and officials.

3) What are concords media goals?

I think for me i want us (Concord Rangers) to be up there with the best, Sammy (Moore) has brought a good team in and now it’s our time to make sure the media side is good.

Target wise it’ll be to make sure our new club channel, BEACHBOYS TV is looking fresh, we aim to make our Media something you’d expect from a league club and with the likes of Jamie (Hume) Dan, (Eicke) etc (The list goes on aha) aswell as new commercial director Paul Webster in, its just the perfect match. We’ve got a chairman who’s very supporting of everything of the club.

When I say ‘We really want to go at it’ it’s exactly how it sounds, I had the same at Leatherhead, our Media was punching above our weight on a budget of nothing and no that didn’t go as smooth as we liked, we’re trying to show that Concord are going at it both on and off the pitch. Fans should be excited the content we’ve got planned is likely to be the quality of league 1/2 clubs and nothing short of that, we have fantastic people here that are both passionate and hard working, the perfect match.

4) What do concord do differently to others?

That’s a good question, I always look at clubs and see the difference between professional and average. Professional being the likes of Billericay, Matt Lee at Chelmsford, Dulwich Hamlet among others. Not naming others in this league but you look at their media and they just lack anything engaging with their fans. I’m always a great believer in engaging your fanbase, alot of people may not realise that a good media team can make a near relegation miss still look good!

Going back to the question aha, I think both Ed and Lewis (Our graphics guy) should probably be in the professional leagues with their designs, they just make Concord’s media look smart, then you’ve got myself and Jamie Hume on videos which alot of clubs (Even some of the best) don’t do! Then lastly you have myself (again) bringing it onto the social media with regular updates, our camera operators and photographers who again make it look tidy. It’s an all round effort, I want Concord to be known as a great club with a great team, a great media, marketing etc. Side.

Our target for me is to show that we mean business this season, our twitter following is very impressive at almost 12,000 followers so we’re now going to be making matchday gifs, similar to that of Aston Villas and this’ll show the club in a more professional Manor.

5) What’s it like to work with Sammy and Jack again?

Yh it’s great to be working with those two, I’ve learnt alot from them in the past year, they’re both ex pros who’ve learnt from the best and even just as a media person you can gain alot from them.

When it comes to being updated with player news, you won’t find a better person than Sammy!! Aha, as a media guy it’s class to get a text 30 seconds after the contract is signed to say ‘Announce (Name)’ and that’s again what can make a good media. Its not just about the media team, it’s about our academy management team keeping me updated on results, our players answering Q&A’s, Paul and Ant sending me updates etc. It all brings it together and that’ s why I think we’ll be up there with the likes of Glenn Tamplin’s Billericay. They have match day media over there and that’s nothing less than impressive, certainly something we all aspire to be like.




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