FREE entry to Concord Rangers home games for ALL Armed forces and Blue light services!

Armed forces and Blue light service men and woman will be given free entry to all Concord Rangers home League games. By simply showing a valid I.D to the gate attendant you will be given entry at no charge.

In order to benefit the community, and showing their support to all service men and woman. Concord Rangers have announced all men and woman working for the Armed forces or Blue light services will gain free entry into all League home games this season. This includes –

  • Firebrigade
  • Police
  • Paramedics (plus doctors and nurses)
  • Military

As long as a valid I.D is shown to the gate attendant you will gain entry at no charge.

Concord Rangers chairman Ant Smith said “Everyone in our country is aware of the fantastic and often extremely courageous job these people do for us all, this is just a little way of our club saying thank you”

Head of Media Alfie Gates had this to say “I think its an excellent offer, we know how well Concord are doing on the pitch, we now want to make everything professional off the pitch, starting by furthering our support for the community and those who go the extra mile”

Concord Rangers are looking to support the surrounding community as the season progresses, doing so by offering free entry to the service men and woman who work tirelessly helping people throughout the country. A small token of appreciation from Concord Rangers. Here at The Football Forecast we hope that we can spread the message to the service men and woman and welcome the great work Concord Rangers are doing for the community.

Graphic Credit:@argylenews



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