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The Football Forecast is a  fresh new and unique blogging website whose aims are to encourage whilst also supporting amateur writers of any age to produce quality content to a professional standard. Initially starting out as a Twitter account based on football in mid-2015 the brand has expanded into a blog has begun to branch out into other media areas such as creating a YouTube channel, emphasising our vision and drive to become successful.

Our Football Forecast website embodies several diverse elements including; feature articles, match predictions and reports, weekend round ups, transfer gossip, YouTube videos featuring real life and virtual football plus much more. Although our main focus and strongest aspect of work is English football we do integrate in as much foreign football as possible. We only ever use reputable source and we check these before any article this published whether this using main stream football news sites or our own trusted sources. The staff team we currently have here maintains close solid communication throughout the brand constantly feeding ideas amongst one another to keep the flow of content fresh, interesting and desirable for our viewers to consume.

We are accumulating new writers all the time making sure they feel welcome within the company so they settle down quickly. Managers are designated for each department such as England, Germany, Spain and so on, this keeps our writers on track by maintaining a strict but fair schedule for uploading content. The managers also provide support to all our staff whether it be business related or personal, this keeps a fantastic happy atmosphere within the company at all times and product quality, factual and consistent content. If you want to join the team Click Here

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