The Team

Alex Crowther
I created The Football Forecast when I was 15 simply to allow other people my age to voice their opinion on the game I love so much.
Ben Jones
Editing Lead
I am a History student with a burning passion for the game. As Editing lead for TFF, I love engaging with the diverse views of our team and am committed to maintaining high-quality content.
Alfie Gates
Social Media Lead
Media/Marketing/Press Officer at Leatherhead FC. Currently working with many ex-professional footballers.
Eric L So
Business Advisor
An IT Professional from the US. I mentor and help startups grow
Doug Shields
Content Advisor
Former news editor in the UK and U.S, now a creative PR professional with an unrivalled ability to generate news worthy ideas and campaigns for Britain's biggest brands, and some small ones.
Danny Cook
Podcast Host


More team members to be added soon.

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