How To Turn Your Football Fandom Into An Income

Mad about football? What if you could turn your passion into a way to make an extra few quid. Of course, there are ways to make money playing and coaching football, but for those that are simply fans there are also many ways to make money simply from having knowledge of the sport. Here are just several ways to turn your football fanaticism into a source of extra income.

Bet on matches

There’s no certainty in gambling, however having a knowledge in football can help to increase your chances of winning when betting on matches. If you’ve been keeping track of both teams’ previous scores and know which players will be on the pitch, you’ll have a better idea of how the match is likely to turn out. There are many betting apps and sites out there that you can try. Some sites may even offer a free bet for those signing up – this could be a chance to win some money without even placing any money down as a bet. Make sure that you’re only ever betting as much money as you’re willing to lose and never gamble with borrowed money.

Invest in collectibles

There are plenty of football collectibles from trading cards to signed memorabilia. Purchasing a rare collectible could be a good investment – over the years, the item is likely to increase in value, providing that public interest in that collectible is maintained (i.e. a signed t-shirt from a player in a small league team most likely isn’t going to be worth all that much in twenty years, although you never can be sure). Having a good knowledge of football and the culture around it will certainly help seeking out these rare collectibles.

Become a fantasy football pro

Fantasy football has taken off in the last decade and there are now people making a living out of this virtual sports world. If you’ve ever played one of these games before, you’ll know that such games basically allow you to be your own team manager – you get to choose your players and strategize just like a football manager in real life. Having a knowledge of the game is essential as it can allow you to pick the best players from season to season. Eventually you could start to have people analysing your fantasy league and placing bets, after which you’ll start making money.

Get into football journalism

As with any type of journalism, football journalism is hugely competitive. Becoming a newspaper reporter or a radio presenter is no easy task, however there are now many other mediums to explore that could allow you to make an income. You could set up your own football-themed blog just like this one or set up a Youtube channel – you could then make money through ad revenue. Budding commentators can even try reporting live games on social media – even a reaction channel or podcast could be enough to make money from if you’re able to inject enough of your own personality into it.  



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