Turning Football Knowledge Into An Enriching Side-Hustle

With around 265 million players actively involved with football at a global level, it is impossible to ignore the economic impact of the game.

In terms of world’s population, that’s about 4% of the planet playing soccer in a variety of professional, semi-professional, and amateur-ish levels, excluding casual players who couldn’t be recorded in Fifa’s most recent Big Count survey.

Even though football requires only minimal equipment, there is for retailers, commentators, players and coaches a vast opportunity to grow their revenues dramatically. However, starting a business in the football industry requires not only a lot of planning but also high funding to stand out from the crowd. For an enthusiastic entrepreneur, it can feel impossible to break through the football business sector. But it doesn’t mean that there is no revenue potential for football lovers. On the contrary, while you may not be able to make it a full-time career, you could create a profitable – financially and emotionally – side-hustle activity. Here are a few ideas to get you started and make the most of your football knowledge for your side-hustle adventure:

Strategy takes the risk out of gambling

First of all, it’s important to mention that a side-hustle is, ultimately, a way of building regular revenue. While it doesn’t have to build up into a professional career, it can partially replace your work income or simply come as an addition. When it comes to repurposing your football knowledge for a non-professionally oriented side-hustle, you can, for instance, use existing structures to transform your know-how expertise into profits. Indeed, the match betting gambling industry offers substantial and regular revenues for knowledgeable football fans – with football representing 70% of all betting sports. However, betting is more than a matter of luck. Indeed, your options are not only to bet on who will win or lose the game, but you can also bet on who will score the first or last goal, the number of penalties, and the number of goals. To earn gains, you need not only a good understanding of each team and player but also analytical skills to follow the evolution of a team through time – a platform such as OddsWizz can help you to make informed financial decisions by providing all the latest analysis of the game(s). Successful gamblers combine not only the best of football know-how but also strategic thinking.

Offer a different angle to the game

Football journalism is highly competitive. It’s an industry in which it is extremely difficult to get noticed or even to pierce professionally. However, if you look at it from a side-hustle perspective, you can set up your own football-themed platform to offer a personal commentary of games, decisions and strategies without needing to appear in the national newspapers, TV or radio shows. Vlogging, for instance, can be highly lucrative for engaging content generators – take a look at people such as Zoella who has made a living of sharing tips online. Proposing your views and explanations about regular games can appeal to a new audience, especially if you can take a different approach than what is already offered on national media.

Run a fan club in your town

Do all teams have a fan club?

What seems like an empty question can actually be the key to building your side-hustle. Indeed, small and local clubs – such as the club where your neighbours’ kids are learning to play, for instance – often lack the support of a fan community organisation. Indeed, for parents and friends, it is essential to get to know each other and build a positive relationship. Ultimately, a successful fan club organisation can provide the base a local association needs to grow its influence and revenues. Using a membership strategy, you can grow your income and even get to partner with the teams. Additionally, you can also get to design memorabilia that can be sold after a game.

Become an equipment specialist for small clubs

On average, amateur players and business teams tend to run a price-only comparison before purchasing their gear. Indeed, when online platforms such as RunRepeat can list over 150 football boots in their list of favourites, it’s fair to say that someone who doesn’t have expert knowledge of their fitness gear, might feel overwhelmed, to say the least. Brand such as Adidas, Puma and Nike have a variety of options available, making it almost impossible to know what to choose. Focusing on price is not always the best solution, especially as everyone has different needs in terms of shape, width, and firmness for their shoes. But you can offer a consulting service in partnership with leading retailers, for instance. As a consultant with a generic sports retailer, you don’t need to show any brand loyalty and can provide the objective approach customers need.

How about turning your passion into a language lesson for your community?

Most large towns around the world have a small population of non-native speakers. In the UK only, for instance, there are over 9.8 million residents who were born abroad – that is about 14% of the population. While most skilled immigrants can integrate professionally, many feel isolated in their local community. However, you could help them to connect through a football watching and discussion club, for example. Indeed, using football as a conversation starter, you can help people to make connections, boost their confidence and communication skills and, ultimately, make friends in their neighbourhood.

Can you become a coach to encourage integration?

Last, but not least, diseases and accidents are responsible for a large part of handicaps. Someone who is forced in a wheelchair as a result of a car crash, for instance, can struggle with self-confidence and self-worth issues. But you can dedicate your spare time to building a club for disabled football you can help these people to make peace with their new bodies. Using a game as a tool for social integration, therapy and acceptance is a powerful tool. In terms of benefits, this is by far the most emotionally rich side-hustle activity.

Knowing your football teams, strategy, players and games can be part of an enriching side-hustle engagement. Whether you turn your know-how into a betting tool or you choose to support amateur players with gear consulting, you can make a difference in your lifestyle, both emotionally and financially.



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