Setting Up Your Ultimate 5 A Side Football Team

What better way to warm-up during the cold months, get some after work exercise in, and socialise, than heading for a game of footy. The beginning of any new year can be rough, especially with the British weather here in full force; however, there are plenty of ways to make it that bit brighter, and enjoy yourself right through spring and summer too (they’re on the way, promise!). If you’ve been doing dry January (well done), or you’re just making an effort to be a little healthier as part of your new year resolutions; surely, you deserve some fun alongside it all? A regular game of 5 a side could be just what the doctor ordered. Therefore, it’s time to round-up the troops, well, at least 4 of them, and get to work on the logistics of meeting up to play your favourite game.

Don’t worry, as long as you’ve got a few keen players, the rest can be done as a team with a little thought and planning, over a pint (of soda and lime for the dry january survivors). You’ll want to start as you mean to go on, so there’ll be no room for half-heartedness, and it’s worth putting a kitty together so that you have a budget for a few things. It won’t simply be a kick-about on a Saturday. You want to have a team that can play against others in your area, regularly so that your exercise and socialising needs are taken care of each week. The following are some ideas and inspiration for those hoping to set-up a successful 5 a side football team so that they can enjoy the beautiful game on the pitch (or the park), and not just from the sofa.

Feeling Legit

As previously mentioned, you don’t want to head into your new 5 a side venture, half-heartedly. Therefore, you’ll need to do all you can to feel like it’s legitimately happening. Investing your time, efforts, and a little money into your team will help to build-up motivation and momentum, both of which will push you all to meet-up regularly, train, and play to the best of your abilities. Although you’ll want plenty of dedication and a touch of professionalism, don’t forget that it’s because you wanted something fun to do together, so don’t let the admin ruin a great thing.

Start with team shirts, you’ll need to consider your name, colours, and numbers carefully; this is also kind of the fun part. Ensuring that you’re all dressed for the team each time you meet-up is another way to build upon your existing bond, and you’ll add some strength to your overall performance. With that team spirit in full-force, who knows where it might lead you; there are an array of sports centres and associations that welcome new 5 a side teams, so you’ll have something to work towards. There are an array of places online to get you custom football shirts (and, even shorts) made. Therefore, it’s worth doing a little research and shopping around so that you don’t overspend before you’ve even reached the grass.

There are other items you’ll need to think about too so that you don’t get caught short once you’ve all turned-up to play on a frosty morning (well done by the way). Obviously, a ball is essential; get everyone to buy their own, so you’ll definitely have one to play with each time. You may also need some markers, like small cones or pegs, to set out goal posts, for those times you’re unable to utilise a football field or hire somewhere indoors. Towels, a whistle, and even sports medals could all be things that you add to the team’s inventory so that you’re fully-stocked-up and ready for anything.

Prepping For Each Game

Okay, so you’re all kitted-out and ready to play. Now, it’s worth writing a list of things that everyone can bring to keep you playing well. You’ll all need to stay hydrated, so make sure that there are plenty of bottle of water available for all. During colder days and evenings, you might want to arrive with a flask of something hot for half time, but this is optional, as you’ll have worked-up a sweat (hopefully). Make sure that someone is in charge of snacks; pre-match and half-time food is essential to keep a teamed well-fuelled and alert. Therefore look into the best energy snacks so that you can either pick some up, or even make some at home, which would work out far cheaper over the months.

Try to keep ahead of the weather, even though that sounds completely impossible. However, if you’ve set-aside a decent budget; you should be able to spend those awful-weather days and evenings in a sports centre, which you can usually book and hire for a couple of hours. The preparation lies in booking in advance so that you definitely know you have a venue in which to play each time, and you can keep that all important momentum going. Whether you meet-up after work, in the morning, or only at weekends; it’s worth thinking about how you can help eachother out with transport. Perhaps meet-up beforehand, or all take it in turns to drive; getting there at the same or a similar time will help to keep you in sync while you play. Stay committed, and your team will bring you plenty of good times.

Keep It Fun

The social aspect of setting-up your team is just as crucial as the sport itself. You’ll be building stronger friendships and commarardery, which can only benefit how you play. Mix things up a little by travelling to new venues to play, and making it part of a longer get-together. You don’t always have to go straight home afterwards; hang out, discuss what happened, and where needs improving. That’s why the planning part of your game and team is so important; your mood, location, and who you’re with, will all impact your experience, so consider each one carefully so that you can have the best time, every time.



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