Concord Rangers app out now!

Concord Rangers have just announced their new club app, making this the first ever free non-league app. Available for both android and IOS, out NOW!

Concord Rangers are the first non-league team to release a free club app. Concord Rangers chairman Anthony Smith said “I’m extremely excited that we will be one of only a couple of non league clubs to offer it. Another example of how the club is progressing as a whole this season on and off the pitch” along with head of media Alfie Gates saying “In my opinion, this is a gamechanger for us, I’ve really enjoyed life at Concord so far and now having our own app has made it alot, lot better!                            The club is doing great on and off the field, as the head of media I have a responsibility to profile the club as much as I can, after the release of the app, I’m confident I’m doing that. This is just the start, some of the content soon to come is unreal.
It’s really something special, our neighbours have released theres and yes it’s good but ours is free and what can you get for free nowadays? Respect to the chairman for not putting a price on this, another example of him showing his kindness to our fans”

Not only are Concord Rangers releasing an app to show their involvement with the fans, they have also including a 24/7 radio station including interviews with fans and having live commentary during games which will be featured on the app along side tickets & club shop, beach boys live chat, interviews and highlights plus many more, head over to Concord Rangers for their statement on this and check out the app on IOS or Android.



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