Here’s How You Make Football Season Fun For Non-Sporty Mates

The new football season is almost upon us and that means one thing – there are soon going to be some really great football matches to watch end enjoy! Once the first match of the season kicks off, it’s going to be football, football, football for the foreseeable future!

Sounds great, right? Well, it might for you, but what do you think your non-sporty mates think about it? They might see it as the time of year where they lose you to football. But it doesn’t always have to be like that – why not try and show them that everyone can enjoy football? If you use these next few tips, you might convert them into becoming the biggest football fans ever!

Appeal To Their Competitive Side

Everything is a lot more fun when it’s competitive! And sports are super easy to make competitive because that’s essentially what they are – sporty competitions! There are various ways you can make watching a match a bit more competitive between friends. For instance, you could all place some bets at Free Bets to see who can walk away with the most cash at the end of the night. Alternatively, why not start a sweepstake as this could keep things interesting for the rest of the season?!

Take It To The Pub

It could also be a good idea to watch a match at your local pub. The majority of pubs will show big football games throughout the season as it’s an easy way for them to get customers through the door. I’m sure even your non-sporty mates will want to come to the pub with you regardless of whether the match is on or not. But when the match is on a large screen in the pub, the will naturally be drawn to it. By the end of it they might just be cheering your team on as much as you are!

Educate Them

One reason why some people just don’t seem all that interested in football is because they don’t really know enough about it. So, why not try to educate your mates? This shouldn’t be too hard, and you could do it while you are watching a couple of games. Just pick out a few of the top players and explain why they are so talented. Of course, you might also want to provide your mates with a bit of knowledge about the league and teams as well. Once they know who they are watching and why the game is so crucial, then they should find it easier to get into!

Play The Fifa Games

Does your mate prefer to play video games than watch football? If so, it could be worth playing a few games of Fifa. They will then naturally get to know more about football as they play. After a while, they might be so interested that they want to watch a real match!

As you can see, your non-sporty mates don’t have to suffer through football season this year!




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